Realistic Drawing for Teenagers: Still Life

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This drawing course is suitable for teenagers (age 12+) and is based on classical school of teaching. Program is built as a gradual development, step-by-step - from basic to advanced creative tasks. It is a profound educational course aiming to give each participant a good level of practical and theoretical skills.

Drawing skills and understanding of theory basics are required in many creative professions, e.g. artists, designers, decorators, photographs, architects. During the course one learns to realistically depict objects of surrounding world and express own creative ideas, one learns about sketches, copies, preparatory drawing for painting and complete graphic works. In the end of the course each student will have a portfolio with up to ten ready long term drawing and numerous sketches.

Theoretical and practical skills taught in the course: Basics of composition. Artistic analysis and selection. Development of own creative vision, idea. Line and tone. Basics of perspective. Hatching, shading. Tone as means of expression of volume and space. Light sources. Texture and materiality. Work with materials: paper - format, texture, tone; pencil, rubber, charcoal, chalk, sepia, pastels (monochrome). Copy – artistic analysis, transfer of the motive, techniques. Sketching and long term works.

In the duration of the course we will view classical art works as well as works of cubists, avant garde, contemporary visual figurative still life. Also we will learn basics of analysis of a piece of art, have viewing and analysis, discussion of works made in atelier and homework of students.

In the end of the course an informal viewing of portfolios (with works created during the lessons) will be organized.

Course language is English, Russian and German.
(For participation it is enough to speak one of these)

  • Anja Filatova / Still Life

  • Anja Filatova / Still Life

  • Anja Filatova / contemporary still life / 2012

  • Anja Filatova / Still Life

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