Fashion Illustration

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This is a course designed to help you spend time creatively while developing skills and learning about fashion and illustration!

During the course you will be creating many different “instant outfits” in the group with fabrics and materials provided, and you will have the opportunity to experiment with different drawing and painting techniques (for example using markers, watercolour or making paper collages), learn about drawing the human figure as well as get an idea of the different ways of representing fabric qualities on paper by different drawing and making techniques.

After becoming more familiar with all the techniques and materials, and having developed a sort of individual style, you will have the opportunity to work more with concepts and explore outfits of up-to-date fashion designers and trends.

With this course we hope to help you having fun and giving a push to your creativity and inspiration!

Age for participation 14+
No experience is necessary to participate
The course will be held in english language

  • Angela Karpouzi / Versace men / watercolour, pen, digital / 2017

  • Angela Karpouzi / Frill / marker, pencil, pen / 2015

  • Angela Karpouzi / Sisters / pen, digital / 2017

  • Angela Karpouzi / Bare Back / pen, watercolour / 2016

  • Angela Karpouzi / Gown / watercolour, pen / 2013

  • Angela Karpouzi / Layers / pencil and colored pencil on paper / 2016

  • Angela Karpouzi / Red / watercolour, pen, marker / 2014

  • Angela Karpouzi / Bride / collage / 2012

  • Angela Karpouzi / Dancer / watercolour / 2013