Painting, drawing and artistic illustrations for young creatives

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Álvaro Diaz-Palacios´ course is aimed at teenagers who wish to apply for schools with an artistic approach and develop a portfolio, or want to expand their own possibilities of expression based on their interest in artistic work while they meet other people from different countries and improve their English skills!

From general interest in artistic expression in different media to portfolio-development the course offers an interdisciplinary approach to the “art world” for youths.

Teaching method
We will work with two positions: On the one hand we will practice the important basis of pictorial design using drawing as an example and, on the other hand, other techniques will be explored in the fields of painting, photography, collage and other media.

In the beginning the teacher will explore the wishes and expectations of every participant. We work together on your projects while we simultaneously address the differences between art and art markets as well as relations between different disciplines. Each student has different approaches to drawing, we explore both the intuitive and rational paths towards the motif, as well as the rational and more technical issues like measure, comparison and transfer from nature. In both cases the focus lies on the image of reality and expression of your personal ideas in different ways.

We´ll practice the classic and “realistic” representation of objects and people reviewing issues of perspective, proportions, lighting and composition and we will also explore light and color, so that your combination of colors always looks good and harmonious. We will take a look at works of classical, modern and contemporary art, while you learn history and trends in a cool and fun way. We will practice different genres, from landscape and architecture to the human figure, faces, still life and installation. We will make a large variety of artistic works from realism to abstraction with different techniques, themes, materials (pencil, charcoal, watercolor pencil, pastel, acrylic and tempera) and formats.

Target group
Suitable for teenagers aged 12-17.

  • Álvaro Diaz-Palacios / Redering Portrait / Oil on Panel / Transparent Digital Printing

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