Painting, drawing and portfolio preparation for young artists (Age 10+)
KIDS Zeichnung Interdisziplinär Malerei

Painting, drawing and portfolio preparation for young artists (Age 10+)


Álvaro Diaz-Palacios´ course is aimed at young artists interested in fine arts, painting, drawing, design, architecture, illustration or visual arts who wish to apply for schools with an artistic approach as well as those who want to expand their own possibilities of expression based on their interest in artistic work while meeting other people from different countries and improving their english skills!

From general interest in artistic expression in different media to portfolio-development: The course offers an interdisciplinary approach to the "art world" for youths as well as guidance to help you to prepare your portfolio before submitting an application for an art school.

Teaching method
At the beginning the teacher discusses the individual wishes of every participant, their hopes or expectations. We will make a large variety of artistic works from realism to abstraction with different techniques, themes, materials (pencil, charcoal, fine pencil, watercolor pencil, pastel, acrylic and tempera) and formats. The application of these techniques will be guided personally and individually by the instructor of the course. The goal is to promote one's own creative ideas and test materials and media to find the best way of everybody’s voice.

Form and drawing: We practice the classic and "realistic" representation of objects and people. Reviewing issues of perspective, proportions, lighting and composition. Each student has very different approaches to drawing, we explore both the intuitive and rational paths towards the motif ("finding your own voice and improve the look of your art and your personal style is part of this."), as well as the rational and more technical issues ("measure, compare, transfer from nature, or how to use photos and other references..."). In both cases, the focus is on the formation of vision and awareness for the expressiveness of your personal ideas in different ways.

Color and light: With a free approach in general in addition to the use of color palettes so that your combinations of colors always look both fancy and harmonious.

We will also show works of classical, modern and contemporary art for the creation of our own ideas while you learn art history and trends in a cool and fun way. We will practice different genres, from landscape and architecture to figure of character, faces / portrait, still life and objects. Such as other personal interests (installations, free techniques, mixed media).

Target group
Suitable for teenagers aged 10-15 who look for guidance in portfolio preparation and for all those who simply enjoy discovering and creating.

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Painting, drawing and portfolio preparation for young artists (Age 10+)
10 Termine, 14.11.19 - 30.01.20
Donnerstags 15.30-18.00 Uhr
25 Stunden in 10 Terminen
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Mind. 4 bis max. 8 Teilnehmer/innen
Leitung: PhD, MFA Álvaro Diaz-Palacios
Ort: Zeichenfabrik, OG 1, Kursraum 2, Flachgasse 35-37, 1150 Wien
€ 337
inkl. Kursmaterial