Structural drawing
All you need to start creating
Structural drawing

Structural drawing
All you need to start creating


The course with Adrian Rogala is to practice many themes by using perspective, structural drawing and understanding of dimensional objects. Its intention is to master the skill of creating exact and efficient illustrations and pictures. Students will get the skill and knowledge to transfer whatever they want into paper.

All topics will be covered from basics, therefore no former preparation or other course is needed. Workshops are dedicated for beginners, but intermediate can attend as well to improve and develop their skills.

Six days, two topics each day

  • Perspective basics
  • Differentiation of lines, tone values, material factures, construction of simple shadows
  • Solids penetration, Solids in mirrors, platonic solids
  • Drawing different trees, bushes, grass, etc.
  • Drawing and sketching people
  • Cars and machines
  • Still nature
  • Interior in perspective, staircases
  • Drawing architecture 1: modern suburban house + garden, constructing roofs
  • Drawing architecture 2: town square with historical tenement houses
  • Drawing architecture 3: modern building (for example library/learning center – Zaha Hadid)
  • Landscape drawing: hills, fields, sea shore + rocks, clouds in perspective

The Workshop will be conducted in both English and German.

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Structural drawing
All you need to start creating
5 Termine, 05.08.19 - 09.08.19
Täglich 10-16 Uhr
30 Stunden in 5 Terminen
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Noch 9 freie Plätze
Leitung: Adrian Rogala
Ort: Zeichenfabrik, Flachgasse 35-37, 1150 Wien
€ 382
inkl. Kursmaterial