Basics of DJing for Women: Beatmatching with Vinyl for Beginners
Basics of DJing for Women: Beatmatching with Vinyl for Beginners
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Basics of DJing for Women: Beatmatching with Vinyl for Beginners


The "Basics of Djing for women"- workshop is designed to inspire women to learn modern creative music practice. Working with vinyl awakes an interest to the history of the music of the 20th century and develops music craft skill, that demand accuracy, focus, and caution. All participating beginner-Turntablistas under the guidance of the experienced DJ and teacher will gain access to the turntables in order to make their first transition between the tracks. Our cozy studio has everything the students need: 4 turntables, 4 channel mixer, sound system, chairs - and flowers.

The aim of this course is to inspire women to learn the basics of mixing with vinyl. The idea of working with analog music mediums attracts the attention of music lovers to the roots of turntablism and its history, that highlights the continuity of modern musical practices and brings our attention to the importance of the tactile experience of working with a real turntable, stylus, and vinyl. The DJing course with vinyl educates the basics of physics, mechanics, as well as it develops the sense of rhythm and ear for music.

Teaching method
The teaching method includes theory and practice. The theoretical part consist of the history of Djing, the history of the music of the 20th century, technical devices and music mediums from wax cylinder to CD, with a touch of the basics of music theory, such as the understanding of music bar, beat and key.
The practical part consists of exercises with a turntable and mixer: functionality of turntable and mixer, basics of beatmatching, introduction to the structure of music track, understanding of tempo differences.

Target audience
Our main target group is women from 12 till 99 years who have passion for music and interest in the history of analog music mediums and new creative practices. The students do not have to have any music education or specific training.

Teaching language

Bring your own records and headphones if you want!

»The Turntablista support all women who want to become DJs. I believe that our school will facilitate access to new creative practices for all members of the society, providing equal access to self-expression and the synthesis of something new that is the foundation of our creative successful future.« — Masha Dabelka

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Basics of DJing for Women: Beatmatching with Vinyl for Beginners
3 Termine, 01.05.20 - 03.05.20
Täglich 14-18 Uhr
12 Stunden in 3 Terminen
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Mind. 4 bis max. 8 Teilnehmer/innen
Leitung: Masha Dabelka
Ort: DJ Schule TURNTABLISTA, Creative Cluster Margareten - 1. Stock, Victor Christ Gasse 10, 1050 Wien
€ 162
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