Vienna plain-air course:
Draw yourself a diary from the city

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The course with Adrian Rogala covers making drawings of some characteristic places in Vienna. This will be shown in easy phases and also using some interesting colour techniques.
Participants will learn how to make lively pictures by including people, greenery and cars into them. They will create original souvenirs of visited places. And most importantly get to know, how to create such works in future by themselves. Topics are not difficult allowing inexperienced people to start their adventure with drawing. Ones who already tried it a bit can also find something interesting.

Four days – four topics

  • Schonbrunn: colour pencils – basics of perspective
  • Horse Statue at Volksgarten and surrounding plants: colour pencils – drawing figures, octagonal based solids
  • Belvedere: colour pencils and pencil – making reflections of architecture in fountain
  • Secession building (Friedrichstrasse 12), pencil with gold marker – two vanishing point perspective

On the first course day we will met at 10 am in Zeichenfabrik for a brief introduction. From here we will move to our first site: Schönbrunn.

The Workshop will be conducted in both English and German.

  • Adrian Rogala / Old church near Baltic coast / pencil / 35x50 cm / 2018

  • Adrian Rogala / Karlskirche interior / pencil / 35x50 cm / 2017

  • Adrian Rogala / Schönbrunn / ink pen and colour pencils / 50x35 cm / 2018

Weitere Kurse / Zeichnung, Urban Art