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The secret miracle of cooperation in film masterpieces

Who is it for? For any creative worker wanting to extend their careers inside the movie industries. Or aspiring filmmakers or scriptwriters, cinema lovers, choreographers, architects, designers, fashion / custom designers, theatre workers, dancers or choreographers, actors, make up artists or stylists, professionals or beginners of music, literature, visual arts - anyone interested in film industries. This workshop is for those who want to learn the language of cooperation in the creation of a movie or to improve their current understanding and skills.

You would love to work in movies and you want to learn how to apply your:

  • Music, compositions, or orchestras
  • Images, designs, plans, photographs or paintings
  • Literary written stories, or theatre / script plays ideas
  • Sculpture processes or architecture models
  • Fashion or graphic design
  • Body expression, performance or dancing choreographies

How do these fields fit together in the big story? How would your work fit into the context of a movie, as it is expressed by other artists in the different fields? How would it look on the big screen? What if it was your own story or voice as a movie? This workshop will give you the necessary guidelines to obtain more knowledge about different aspects of industry film production. You will be included in the behind-the-scenes action of a multi-language crew as they make decisions, witnessing the moments and situations when magic of movie making really happens. Cinema is a costly activity, but the initial stages only require ink, paper and, maybe an internet connection to tell your story.

One of the most exciting aspects of cinema is the convergence of different teams, diverse talents, intelligences and art fields united in the pursuit of a shared vision and the same concept. A film career can be one of the most beautiful and exciting careers when you enjoy and understand this particular quality. However, most film schools and academies do not teach these essential parts as an integrated process and rather give the tools to each technician separately. Technique is fundamental, of course, but when it is used cooperatively in the production, the united language of arts is revealed. The difference between a masterpiece of cinema or a moving scene and a forgettable film is the union of all artistic intelligences as one.

How: The main focus of this workshop is not only to provide elementary information on the audio-visual narratives, but also to enhance the personal experiences of each individual creative worker with practical exercises that expand the outputs and applications of their particular artistic field (music, writing, direction, performance etc.). The course is designed to reveal the methodologies, secrets and situations of multidisciplinary cooperative work. We will share the common elements among the arts, and how to manage the universal language of making, for example, to make music visible, image audible, and written text tangible. We will study alternative ways to visualize and plan emotions. In addition, we will look at ways of mapping scripts as well as methodologies to explain your inner visions (no matter your fine arts skills). Finally, we will reflect on the act of producing fiction, the invisible themes inside of a theme, and the own honesty and satisfaction of finding meaning inside our intuitions, passions, intellectual concerns and concepts.

Overall, we will explore the pre-production and design phases of a movie ideation. We will learn different points of view based on references to contemporary cinema, making-of and interviews with artists and directors, visualization techniques of a paradigm for structuring and plotting points or climax. We will listen music and watch lots of movie scenes, video art pieces, music videos, and performances. Students will work individually and in groups in activities ranging from theoretic to practical, critique each other’s presentations or personal works and participate in class discussions. This workshop will be a participative and entertaining journey, which aims to reveal the real magic behind a moving and meaningful movie.

  • Álvaro Diaz-Palacios / Frame: Path of Totality / 4K and 35mm / 2018

  • Álvaro Diaz-Palacios / Productiondesigns: Path of Totality

  • Álvaro Diaz-Palacios / preproduction concepts

  • Álvaro Diaz-Palacios / Directing and SetBuild: Path of Totality

  • Álvaro Diaz-Palacios / Directing Path of Totality

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