A Home for Creators

Zeichenfabrik is an inclusive community hub where people come together, learn from each other, and engage in the vibrant dance of receiving, evolving, and passing on art and creativity.

Our Mission Promoting Creativity as a Universal Empowerment Tool

We value creativity as a constructive ability to develop original and useful solutions or strategies, not just in art, science, or professional life, but also in everyday life.

We perceive creativity as a competence inherently available to all individuals. Our mission centers on fostering the transmission and expansion of this competence.

Photo: Hoa Luo
Photo: Akos Vincze

Our Approach Cultivating a Creative Environment

At Zeichenfabrik, we provide a stimulating physical creative studio that promotes exchange and personal creative growth. Through our workshops and courses, we guide people along their creative journey, sharing practical tools, techniques, and approaches to help you engage in creative pursuits. We see art—or creating art—as just one possible outcome of this process, recognizing that creativity takes many different forms.

As a digital art platform, we aim to provide art lovers and collectors with easy access to a carefully curated collection of artwork from international artists.

Zeichenfabrik project:space is a platform that offers creative collectives workspaces in an inspiring factory loft in Vienna. This area can be used for up to two months for the implementation of various projects.

Plus, we offer bespoke services to businesses and educational institutions, organizing team events that integrate the positive aspects of art and creativity into teams and communities in a sustainable way.

"Signs of Dark Matter" by Jana Schumacher, 2018

Our Motivation Taking on the Myth of the Genius!

The concept of creativity came into its own in the 20th century, representing a democratization of "originality beyond genius" (Groeben, 2013). Creativity is a practical tool for problem-solving and, above all, a source of joy and fulfillment. That's why we've been committed to teaching it since 2009.

A Space for Art, Creativity & Community

In our art courses and team trainings, we not only share artistic techniques but also foster a place for creative growth and self-expression. Through shared dialogue, we create a lively atmosphere that nurtures personal growth and collaborative learning. Our gallery also offers a platform for discovering and acquiring contemporary artworks.

Master techniques, embrace creativity, build an art collection: with us, you'll discover all the essentials for your creative journey.

Photo: Susanne Richter

Artistic Adventures for Kids

Kids are bursting to unleash their energy, engage in play, and let their dreams run wild. Courage, the joy of learning, and imagination are the flowers that bloom through art. That's why at Zeichenfabrik, we embark on playful journeys with paint and paper, pencil and scissors, using our imaginations to uncover inner worlds.

»Everything great that ever happened in this world first happened in somebody's imagination.« — Astrid Lindgren

Photo: Jörg Jozwiak

Creative Exploration for Teens

Are you looking for an art-focused school and trying to build a strong application portfolio? Or maybe you're just passionate about creative endeavors and want to enhance your expressive abilities? Our courses tailored for teens offer exactly what you're looking for!

Foto: Stefan Bachmann

Artistic Courses for Adults

Zeichenfabrik is open to individuals of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced artist, whether you're passionate about art or pursuing it professionally, our courses offer everyone an opportunity to learn artistic techniques, refine their skills, and grow through engaging interactions.

Our instructors are committed to providing guidance and support, meeting you where you are, and accompanying you on your artistic development journey.

Photo: Akos Vincze

Team Training and Group Events

At Zeichenfabrik, we blend artistic expertise with innovative methods to create dynamic solutions that enhance business growth and promote strong team dynamics. We emphasize collaboration and mutual inspiration, creating unique experiences for team building, incentives, office events, creative gatherings for groups, school classes, and travel groups.

Shop Contemporary Art Online

Discover the world of captivating art from the comfort of your own home through the Zeichenfabrik Gallery. Delve into our curated selection of remarkable works by artists from across the globe, immersing yourself in their narratives and exploring their latest creations.

Art's remarkable quality lies in its diversity. With our gallery, we are driven by the mission to make this diversity accessible to all, ensuring a trustworthy and secure experience from purchase to delivery.

Photo: Wolf Leeb

project:space - Cooperative Space for Creative Projects

As a collaborative platform for art, culture, and dialogue, we open our doors to collectives in need of a space for the preparation, planning, or realization of non-commercial projects. Our project area offers workspaces for around 10 people each on approximately 270 m², equipped with basic facilities (tables, chairs, a kitchenette, internet), all enveloped in the inspiring atmosphere of our factory loft in Vienna's 15th district.

project:space aims to support the development of cultural, artistic, or social projects, be it in the form of charitable initiatives, neighborhood projects, association and non-profit work, handicraft circles, artists' collaborations, student working groups, and so on. Additionally, you have the opportunity to conclude your project with an event and present it to invited guests.

Depending on your project's requirements, we provide rooms on one or several weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and for a maximum project duration of 2 months free of charge.

Upon conclusion, we ask for a project documentation in text and image/video, which we will use to publicly present your work on our blog. Please mention "Zeichenfabrik project:space" as a supporter in all project-related publications.

Submit now! project:space launches in Fall 2023. We are now accepting project proposals.

Please send your documents to buero@zeichenfabrik.at, including a description of your group, your project, its intentions and goals, as well as your spatial and temporal requirements. Following this, we will get in touch with you and arrange personal meetings for suitable projects to discuss the details.

For more information, please refer to the Terms of Use and Participation of project:space.

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We are proud to be a recognized provider within the Vienna Educational Opportunities.

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At Zeichenfabrik, our instructors are artists who bring their unique approaches, specialties, and methodologies to their teaching. While they each have their distinct styles, they all share a dedication to effective instruction, often with an academic background, and maintain their own independent artistic practices.